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The Kirchdorfer® Oktoberfestband is able to adjust to the size of the respective event. Everything is possible from 6 to 21 musicians, on special request also possible with an even larger cast of the Kirchdorfer® Oktoberfestkapelle. There are variations, for example, by booking or omitting the large wind ensemble or by the number of singers. Our international experience also shows that we can adapt to a very different audience. Please have a look at what we have already performed everywhere and just ask us without obligation!


Allianz Group
Bayerisches Fernsehen
Bayerisches Fernsehen

We are Wiesn

Deutsche Lufthansa AG
69th German-Lawyer's Meeting
69th German-Lawyer's Meeting

Hofbräuhaus Munich


Festa Pomerana Brazil
Hexal AG
Hyatt Group
Hyatt Group

Mayfest and Oktoberfest Dubai/UAE

Oktoberfest Blumenau/Brazil
Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai
Segafredo Zanetti German Meeting
Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok/Thailand
Spinner-Group Ltd.
VW Volkswagen AG

as well as many other events, private parties, festivals, corporate events, weddings, etc.

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