Oktoberfestband in Munich - Festival band

On the occasion of the wedding between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810, numerous private and public celebrations took place in Munich. The Oktoberfest dates back to the last one, the horse race on October 17th. Presumably in the memory of the scarlet race that was last held in 1786, which first took place in front of the Karlstor in the 15th century and became part of the Jakobidult, Andreas Michael Dall’Armi in his function as a major of the National Guard proposed a horse race to pay homage to the newlyweds. It is handed down that the initial idea that led to this project came from the coachman and non-commissioned officer of the National Guard Franz Baumgartner. However, this origin of the festival is considered to be not without controversy.

A historical festival thus formed the cornerstone of an institution without which cultural life in Germany would be inconceivable today: the Oktoberfest. No matter where in the world you ask. almost everyone immediately associates Germany with Munich and the Oktoberfest. The Kirchdorfer® Oktoberfest band has been an integral part of the Oktoberfest since 1994, and for many guests it has become as indispensable as the festival itself. The festival chapel has existed for 150 years and has continually developed and reinvented itself. Rooted in traditional brass music, the repertoire of the Kirchdorfer® Oktoberfestband today also includes other popular titles, hits as well as national and international rock and pop hits. In addition, the Oktoberfest band also plays at many international October festivals, e.g. in Dubai or Shanghai. If you want to experience the Kirchdorfer® Oktoberfestband live - it always brings the hacker marquee to the boil, the 'Heaven of Bavaria'! By the way, live is the program here: the Kirchdorfer® Oktoberfestband only and exclusively plays live.

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